Friday, May 6, 2022

Proteas Netball Legend Dumisani Chauke and Springbok Legend Victor Matfield boost the 2022 Absa Wildeklawer Sports Tournament


The 2022 Absa Wildeklawer Sports Tournament is underway with High Schools scheduled for Kimberley from the 29th of April to the 2nd of May. The opportunity to meet and discuss tactics and lessons with the likes of Dumisani Chauke and Victor Matfield is the ultimate opportunity for aspiring netball and rugby players.


The prestigious tournament is designed to give young athletes the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against some of the top-performing schools in the country. With the appearance of the Absa Wildeklawer ambassadors, Dumisani Chauke and Victor Matfield, the athletes will get the opportunity to learn from the best and tap into their unlimited wealth of knowledge.


Matfield is aware of what is at stake for the rugby youngsters as the under-18 Craven Week is coming up in a few months' time, and many of the players will be using the opportunity to cement their position in the team. But it will also be netball that Matfield will be taking a keen interest in this year as his daughter will be competing. 


"My visit to the Absa Wildeklawer Sports Tournament will be completely different this year," he said.  "Firstly, I am interested to see how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our South African youth in terms of skills and overall performance on the rugby field. Not being able to play competitively for two years is not ideal and can set us back when it comes to sports development. Secondly, I will be viewing both the rugby and netball tournament through the eyes of a parent. I have three girls, and this is the first time I will be watching a tournament of this magnitude as a parent. I understand the pressures that the kids face, and I am hoping to chat to some of the parents (rugby and netball) and help them understand what their children are going through."


“I will be supporting my daughter on the netball court as a parent that wants her to enjoy the sport, I am not there to add extra pressure on her. I will be doing the same thing at the rugby tournament where I will be supporting the boys and providing guidance,” said Matfield.


Chauke also expressed her excitement to experience and watch the Absa Wildeklawer Sports Tournament. "I am looking forward to seeing the excited faces of the netballers as they begin competing at the highest level of the game again.  At last, we are back in action, and now is the time to up the level of skills as these are our future stars and heroes of the game.  It will not be long before they start vying for their place in the national team. My message to them all is to enjoy every game and appreciate the experience and opportunity that they have been given. Celebrate the wins and learn from the losses.  I am expecting to see some fierce competition on the court, and new friendships developing off the court," said Chauke.


This year, Absa has also introduced many innovations that have enhanced the experience for all involved, such as the Absa MegaU Luxury Bus: with free Wi-Fi, VR rugby games and PlayStations. These will all be available for players and fans to entertain themselves. In addition to the bus, Absa has also introduced the Absa Kuierkamer; an area for invited guests to sit, relax and watch games.


On the 29th of April, Matfield can be found at either the Absa MegaU Luxury Bus or the Absa Kuierkamer while Chauke is scheduled to attend the tournament on the 30th of April and 2nd of May.


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