Thursday, April 17, 2014

Enviro Loo donates R130 000 to Childline Gauteng

Enviro Loo, that offers a dry sanitation solution, that is safe, sustainable and cost effective, to both rural and urban areas, has announced that it is donating R130 000 to the Childline Gauteng Sunlight Safe House, to be placed in a trust to pay for tertiary education for children who have been taken in by the organisation.

Lynne Cawood, Director of Childline Gauteng, was delighted with the donation.  “Once the children come into the home we follow their progress into adulthood,” she said. “The establishment of a tertiary education trust will allow us to help our children get a good start into adulthood. They have all gone through much trauma and we want to help them look forward to adulthood with a sense of hope and positive anticipation.”

The Childline Gauteng Sunlight Safe House was established in 1997, under the auspices of Childline Gauteng, in association with the South African Police Service’s Child Protection Unit, the Department of Social Development and the Child Welfare Society, in response to the tragic plight of children who find themselves in unsuitable conditions, or who have to be removed from their families after hours.

The project began with 20 parent couples in the community who were trained to take children into their homes and provide a healing environment until such time as the statutory services were able to place them permanently. The project has expanded and there are currently 60 community Safe Houses situated in and around Johannesburg, Soweto, Kathorus, Tembisa, Sebokeng, Katlehong and Orange Farm. 

The centre has provided care for approximately 7 000 children since the inception of the project.

Enviro Loo Chairman, Allan Cawood, points out that the children have come through the worst of situations and he hopes that through this donation they will be preparing them for what they want to do, whatever that may be.

“We are adults for the greater part of our lives,” he said. “And it‘s important to allow these children to go out and become what they want to become and to love what they do. Our message to the kids is to study hard and prepare themselves for what they will love doing.”

Enviro Loo has been operating since the 1990s providing safe dry sanitation systems for rural and urban areas. 23 million South Africans have limited or no access to adequate sanitation and running water is quick becoming a scarcity in our country. Enviro Loo’s innovative technology provides a permanent and waterless solution at an affordable cost; meeting the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations target of providing access to adequate sanitation at a cost of less than 5 US cents per person.

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