Thursday, January 30, 2014

St Andrews competes for outside gym

St Andrews High School, Bloemfontein, Free State, was one of the schools that competed in the Coca-Cola® 30 Minute Heroes Challenge, a competition introduced to schools participating in the Coca-Cola® T20 schools challenge (cricket) and aimed at getting learners to participate in physical activity. 

The concept encourages as many learners as possible to complete a five drill circuit within a 30 minute period. The scores will only be made public once all schools have completed their challenge.  The school that completes the most circuits in the allotted time frame stands a chance to win a prize of an outdoor gym to the value of two hundred thousand rand, which will be installed at the winning school.

The school cricket coach, Greg Hopson, invited Grade 8, 9, 10 and 11 pupils to participate.  “The boys had such fun, although they struggled with the skipping exercise.”

St Andrews won R66 000 as Free State Coca-Cola® T20 champions in the 2012/13 cricket season and represented the Knights franchise at the National finals.  “So far we are doing well again this year, but we still have many games to play, one against Grey College, which has a very strong cricket team this year,” said Hopson.

Hopson believes they can reach the national finals again this year.  “We have introduced five new players into our team this season and they are proving to be as good, if not better than those they replaced.  I believe we could well defend our title.”

The five drills in the Coca-Cola® 30 Minute Heroes Challenge include:
1.    Shuttle runs between 6 beacons, moving a cricket ball from one   beacon to the next.
2.    Target Throwing at a set of wickets.
3.    Skipping with a skipping rope.
4.    Catching balls off a rebound board.
5.    Weaving in and out of 10 slalom poles.

For full competition terms and conditions please visit".

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