Friday, November 1, 2013


Krugersdorp High School, in Gauteng, was the second school to compete in the Coca-Cola 30 Minute Heroes Challenge, a competition introduced to schools participating in the Coca-Cola T20 Schools Challenge and aimed at getting learners physically active.   

All 1 400 pupils at Krugersdorp High came to either participate or watch their peers in action.   The concept encourages as many learners as possible to complete a five drill circuit within a 30 minute period.  The scores will only be made public once all schools have completed their challenge.  The school that completes the most circuits in the allotted 30 minute time frame will win a two hundred thousand rand outdoor gym, which will be installed at the winning school.

Neil Holmes, Deputy Head Principal and Sports Director, was on hand to encourage all his students.  “This is a fantastic initiative and those that took part had a lot of fun.  I was pleased to see how many learners that do not participate in any sporting activities getting involved and noted that the girls performed better at the skipping drill than the boys,” he said.

Krugersdorp High encourages all pupils to participate in some form of exercise and recently secured funding for a small indoor gym.  “This concept fits in with what we are trying to achieve at the school. We rely on government funding and would not be in a position to invest in an outdoor gym ourselves so winning the prize would be great for the school.”

The members of the first cricket team were the first to complete all five drills and left immediately for the cricket field where they were playing a        Coca-Cola T20 Schools challenge match against rival school, Bastion.

The five drills in the Coca-Cola 30 Minute Heroes Challenge includes:
1.            Shuttle runs between 6 beacons, moving a cricket ball from one beacon to the next.
2.            Target Throwing at a set of wickets.
3.    Skipping with a skipping rope.
4.    Catching balls of a rebound board.
5.    Weaving in and out of 10 slalom poles.

For full competition terms and conditions please visit".

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