Thursday, September 8, 2016


Millé, a leader in technical sportswear, will be taking Elias Marosane from BM Mokitime Primary School in North West province to France in October to attend the Danone Nations Cup world finals.

Marosane coached the under-12 school team that narrowly lost to Benny’s in a penalty shootout in the national finals of the competition in Reiger Park in June and was chosen by a panel of judges to accompany the team to France as an observer.

The panel of judges that made the winning decision was led by scouts from Sundowns, who attended most of the provincial finals and were present at the national finals.  In contention were the coaches of the other eight provincial champions (Benny’s are already going as champions).

Marosane was chosen based on his ability to mobilize his team on and off the field of play, his calm exterior which is important to kids this age as they must be able to handle pressure, especially when games don’t go their way, his use of the field and positioning of players, team structure, discipline and his motivational skills which were all impressive.

The trip has come about courtesy of Millé, a partner in the Danone Nations Cup competition.

Millé has been kitting out the Danone Nations Cup teams for the provincial finals to the national finals for the past three years, and they decided to take their support a step further this year and reward a coach that managed to get his team to the national finals for hard work, dedication and commitment to developing South Africa’s young footballers. 

The World Finals will take place in Paris, France from the 14th – 16th October. The package includes travel, accommodation, meals, accreditation to all three days of games and a couple of excursions to experience some of the local culture.

The coach will be able watch the 32 competing countries and see how other international coaches manage their teams. He will see how they cope with the match build up and how they manage games, especially how they manage their teams after winning or losing.

He will also watch player performances and evaluate different approaches to the game, and how other countries conduct team selection.

He will learn about the general organisation of international events and bring that knowledge home with him.

On hearing of the win Marosane said: “This is such an honour and I cannot thank Millé enough for giving me this opportunity.  Of all the fantastic coaches at the national final I was the one chosen, I can’t believe it.  I have been coaching BM Mokitime for the past three years and all the hard work has paid off.  Not only will this benefit the school, but I also have my own youth soccer team, Liverpool, and what I learn in France I will introduce to the youngsters there as well. I must admit I am a bit nervous as I have never travelled outside South Africa but at the same time I am very excited.”

The tournament sponsors, Danone, acknowledge that the prize is an extremely valuable gesture from Millé, since providing a local coach with such an experience benefits not just the winning school, but also his surrounding schools and South Africa as a whole.

Millé, is a leader in technical sportswear. Whether you’re practicing running drills or slide tackling your opponent, Millé gear can give you all that you need to stand proud at the end of the day while looking professional.  Millé is prominent for its durability and comfort and has further cemented its place as a leader in sports footwear and apparel.

The Danone Nations Cup is the largest youth football tournament for players between the ages of 10 and 12 in the world. Overseen by the South African Schools Football Association (SASFA), the South African leg of the Danone Nations Cup includes more than 2 000 schools from all around the country.

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