Monday, October 26, 2015

Morocco wins the World Final of the Danone Nations Cup at home, under the eyes of Zinédine Zidane

Morocco wins the World Final of the Danone Nations Cup at home, under the eyes of Zinédine Zidane

More than 22 000 people packed the Grand Marrakech Stadium to support the world’s biggest international football tournament for 10-12 year old

Morocco is the winner of the 2015 Danone Nations Cup World Final. They beat Mexico 3 – 1 in front of a home crowd of 22 000 to clinch the trophy.

Over 400 kids from 32 countries converged on Marrakech to participate in the world finals which were played over three days – 24th to 26th October.  There were a number of individual awards that were also handed out.  Best Player of the tournament went to Rayan n°11 from France, the Fair Play award went to the country of China, Best Scorer went to Taiyo n°10 from Japan with 10 goals and Best Goalkeeper to another Japanese Kai n°1. France beat the Netherlands to clinch third place.

Zinédine Zidane, Danone Nations Cup ambassador, attended the final day of play and handed out the awards and said after the final match: “A massive congratulations to Morocco for winning this year’s Danone Nations Cup World Final at home. Teams all showed tremendous skill and professionalism on the pitch and I’m very proud to be a part of this fantastic tournament which is aimed at helping children develop their passion for football and develop respect for themselves and others. I wish everyone the best of luck in the future and to keep believing in your dreams.”

South Africa came to the tournament with the shortest players, but that did not phase the youngsters when they took on a much taller and stronger Netherlands – Drawing 0 – 0 – and then going on to beat Belgium 1 – 0, but lost 2 – 0  to Saudi Arabia which placed them second on the log which put them through to the top 16.  However, the knockout phase of the tournament was not going to go in the young charges way.  They were beaten by  Germany, Bulgaria, USA and Argentina to end the log in 16th position.

Final log:
1 Morocco
12 Brazil
23 Senegal
2 Mexico
13 USA
24 Algeria
3 France
14 Indonesia
25 Saudi Arabia
4 Netherlands
15 Argentina
26 Poland
5 Spain
16 South Africa
27 Hungary
6 Canada
17 Tunisia
28 UAE
7 Germany
18 Belgium
29 Switzerland
8 Australia
19 England
30 Russia
9 Japan
20 China
31 Italy
10 Bulgaria
21 South Korea
32 Egypt
11 Portugal
22 Romania

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