Monday, March 10, 2014

Last game of the KFC Mini-Cricket Kids vs Proteas tour to decide the winner of the series

With the thrilling KFC Mini-Cricket Kids vs Proteas tour sitting on 3 wins each and one tie, it all comes down to the final match on the  10th of March, taking place at Axxess St. Georges Park with Belinda Allie and her team becoming the final team to take on the Proteas while getting active on the field.

Having entered the competition to play against the Proteas more than 200 times, along with getting parents and kids from Malabar Primary to do the same, Belinda got the perfect birthday present on the 18th of October 2013 by finding out that she had won the competition in her region.

Belinda is a KFC Mini-Cricket coordinator, looking after 48 schools in her region north of Port Elizabeth, Belinda has been involved in KFC Mini-Cricket for the past 25 years, starting as a coach and working her way up to her current position of regional coordinator.

Her experience and passion for the game has proved invaluable for Malabar Primary, where KFC Mini-Cricket is played by both boys and girls between the ages of 6-9 years old. Gearing up for this crucial final match of the series, with the two teams tied and desperate for outright glory, Belinda was faced with the task of selecting the final 8 players. She decided that she would choose the kids who put in the most effort in entering the competition to get the Proteas to come to their school for this final match.

The team will be made up of 3 girls and 5 boys and they have been having extra training sessions on Saturdays. As an added bonus leading up to the big game, these lucky youngsters will also be involved in the KFC T20 International at St George’s Park for the Proteas vs Australia game on the 9th of March. The kids will participate as player escorts and ball boys and girls and meet their Proteas heroes on the pitch.

Speaking of the Proteas, Belinda’s favourite player is AB de Villiers; someone who she feels has had a direct influence on her life as the KFC Mini-Cricket ambassador. A stand out feature about AB for Belinda is that he teaches kids to be confident, and not arrogant, a trait that is embodied by most of the Proteas, including Hashim Amla, the kids’ favourite Proteas player.

With over 1000 pupils at Malabar Primary, the kids will have a group of supporter’s right from the start, something that will no doubt help them feel a little more confident going into this deciding match of the KFC Mini-Cricket Kids vs Proteas tour match.


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