Monday, February 17, 2014

Excitement in Pietermaritzburg in the kwaZulu-Natal Inland KFC Mini-Cricket Festival

The KwaZulu-Natal Inland Cricket Union hosted a KFC Mini-Cricket Festival in Pietermaritzburg with the aim of encouraging more and more kids to get active. Starting at 9:00am a morning of cricketing fun saw a variety of boys and girls from all over the region getting active together.

Differently-abled kids were also at the festival, where the emphasis is placed on hand-eye coordination, ball catching skills and the basics of the game.

KFC Mini-Cricket has over 104 000 kids actively participating in the programme around the country, with dedicated volunteer coaches sharing their passion for cricket, by helping these youngsters get the most out of the game from an early age.

“The KwaZulu-Natal region has an abundance of talent spread far and wide, so it’s important that we hosted this KFC Mini-Cricket Festival to bring kids and coaches from various backgrounds together to really enjoy the benefits of getting active”, says Lauren Turnbull, Sponsorships Manager of KFC South Africa.

The kids attending the festival got the chance to audition to become KFC Mini-Cricket Ambassadors. This provides them with the opportunity of meeting their provincial heroes, and successful participants stand a chance to get active at the KFC T20 Internationals between South Africa and Australia by participating in activities such as: the coin toss, taking the field as player escorts and acting as ball boys and girls on the boundaries at the matches.

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