Sunday, April 21, 2013


Reney Botha, from Bongolethu Primary school, is the February KFC Mini-Cricket Coach of the month winner. An educator at the school located in Oudtshoorn, she is a fine example of how the KFC Mini-Cricket programme is making a difference in all communities around the country, whereby dedicated volunteers like herself do outstanding work in getting kids active while developing a love for cricket.
Reney is one of over 7 000 volunteer coaches providing that vital first step in Cricket South Africa’s pipeline to the Proteas. With 16 Provincial KFC Mini-Cricket festivals held annually throughout South Africa along with countless other smaller festivals, over 100 000 boys and girls from over 4 500 schools are benefitting from the efforts of people like Reney.
Back in 2006, Reney accompanied the Bongolethu Primary school to a Mini-Cricket festival in Oudtshoorn, and from that day has been fully involved in the programme. Since then she has taken great pride in her role in the programme; “My role is to build a solid foundation and create a realistic change to all kids with a brighter future in cricket circles”, says Reney.
The focus of getting more and more kids involved and active is something that Reney, and indeed the KFC Mini-Cricket programme, have in common. The programme includes primary school boys between the ages of four and ten as well as primary school girls between the ages of four and thirteen. Differently-abled kids are also included, just with a larger focus being placed on hand-eye coordination, ball catching skills and basics of the game.
“It is important for me as a coach at my school to see that all the children involved get an equal opportunity to participate in the KFC Mini-Cricket Programme”, says Reney further echoing one of the great fundamentals of the programme.
Reney feels that the KFC Mini-Cricket Programme is currently the best sporting code at her school, little wonder then that players benefitting from it during the time of her involvement have gone on to be selected for zonal, regional as well as provincial age group teams.
In recognition for the hard work and success Reney has enjoyed, together with the title of KFC Mini-Cricket Coach of the Month she also receives a trophy, a cap and a KFC gift voucher worth R1 000. A well deserved prize for someone that shares the mindset of KFC, that through KFC Mini-Cricket many children are able to live active lifestyles. Lifestyles where cricket and camaraderie shape the way towards a brighter future.